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Take Your Safety Culture To New Heights

Date and time: Wednesday, December 13, 2017 1:00 PM (EST) Program: Take your Safety Culture to New Heights Duration: 1 hour

Join Dale Lesinski as he walks us through a real world formula for improving the safety culture in your organization. This Professional Development Seminar was featured at the 2017 NSC Annual Safety Congress.

Results this campaign has delivered:

  • Reduction of employee injuries and accidents

  • Improved employee moral

  • Employees valuing their own safety

  • Employees watching out for one another

  • Improved safe behaviors on and off the job

  • An organized and effective 12 – 24 month campaign

  • Elimination of the “Flavor of the Day” safety ideas

Register here.

For more from Dale Lesinski, see this article he recently posted on

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