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The CASC "A Day With OSHA" was a huge success!

On June 23rd the CASC of PA hosted it's first outreach event aimed at bringing information to our members as well as welcoming new members to our organization. OSHA Area Director Dave Olah and Compliance Assistant Specialist Dale Glacken were on hand with presentations on their experiences in the field, the new Walking and Working Surfaces standards, OSHA's Safe & Sound Campaign and answering questions about existing and upcoming regulations. I have links to their PowerPoints below along with other information that was discussed during their presentations. The CASC of PA would like to thank Dave and Dale for all the information they shared as well as OSS Health for the breakfast, coffee and drinks and the Penn State Harrisburg

campus for their hospitality in providing a venue for our group. Thank you to everyone that attended and we hope to see you at future CASC events!

Link pertaining to the voluntary use of respirators.

P.I.T. training and evaluation see 1910.178(I)

Information about Walking and Surfaces.

OSHA territories and contacts

Walking and Working Surfaces PowerPoint

OSHA Safe and Sound PowerPoint

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